Make a More Earth-Friendly Decision With Synthetic Oil

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Earth day is not far away, every year in April we dedicate a day to making more earth-friendly choices and improving our decisions to make more mindful considerations for our planet. Vehicles are one of the top priorities in the long list of things that need to be revised for better ecological results.

The problem is that vehicles are no longer a luxury they have become a constant necessity. Despite the fact that cars are a requirement for our everyday lives, this does not mean that we cannot make better and healthier choices for our planet when it comes to car care and maintenance.

Most necessary vehicle maintenance starts in the engine and oil changes are the number one priority, which is why we want to discuss how you can make more earth-friendly decisions when it comes to the motor oil you use.


Better Performance Less Pollution With Synthetic Oil

There are several different aspects that need to be revised when it comes to improving your choice of motor oil or reinforcing the one you have been making.

The first thing to consider is that a car that is in good shape and kept in great working conditions is much better for the environment than one that is not, because it will produce less negative by-products, and will release fewer chemicals into the air.

In order to maintain your vehicle, improve horsepower and performance and reduce the chances of other dangerous factors harming your vehicle, you need to use full synthetic oil. Amsoil offers the most high-class synthetic oil in the market.

The many benefits of Amsoil will have your car working at its best and prolong its durability while minimizing pollution. Contact us now to find out more.

Benefits for Your Engine and the Environment With Synthetic Oil

It is clear that the effect that the motor oil has on your engine is important. Full synthetic oil provides bigger better benefits because of its lack of natural volatile components and its stronger more resistant chemical structure that provides complete protection even in more extreme conditions.

Now, it is not only important to provide protective advantages but the duration of full lubrication and protection also makes a great difference. For example regular motor oil can go about 4,000 miles or so before it begins to burn out and lose important properties, this means that it needs to be changed a lot more often than synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil does not lose its valuable protection and lubrication properties as easily and can continue to provide coverage regardless of the circumstances. The ability of a full synthetic oil to be able to withstand all of this leads to longer lasting synthetic oil changes that do not need to happen as often.

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2 Reasons Why Synthetic Oil is a Better Option

Reduced Waste. Longer oil changes are better for the environment because the less often the oil is changed and disposed of the less waste that is produced, and accumulated. Sadly, every year about 8 million gallons of motor oil is disposed of incorrectly in every state.

That oil is either thrown into sewers, trash bags or out on the dirt. For every gallon of used oil that gets into a waterway, a million gallons of water are contaminated. These are highly devastating effects of irresponsible disposal of oil but the more oil there is being disposed of the higher the chances of it ending up in the wrong place. Lowering the amount of used oil that is removed is easy with synthetic oil changes.

Amsoil Signature Series synthetic oil prolongs oil changes by up to 6 times. Its durable formula lasts around 25,000 miles without the need to be replaced.

Fuel efficiency. Synthetic oil not only provides a much more complete form of protection and lubrication but the reduction of resistance caused by its superior lubrication also makes it more fuel efficient. A more fuel efficient vehicle means greater savings for you and our environment.

Specials For Your Environmentally Friendly Synthetic Oil Change in Tucson, AZ

After every oil change, make sure that the used oil is adequately discarded and never throw it out in the drain or toilet. There are several ways of properly disposing of the oil but one of the simplest forms is to locate the nearest hazardous waste disposal center and take it to that location. Remember that synthetic oil changes lead to better savings for your economy, the planet and greater protection for your engine. Call John O Brown directly at (520) 444-2634, and take advantage of our Amsoil specials today.

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