The Right Way to Save With Synthetic Oil in Arizona

We all like to save money. Its easy to grab the lowest price option in all cases, but many times buying cheap can be very expensive. This is the case with synthetic oils. If you go by initial price you may end up making a costly choice that can burn a hole in your wallet. That is why at John Brown AMSOIL we want to share some advice to help you make well informed decisions that can save you hundreds.

In Synthetic Oils, Very Low Price Can Mean High Overall Costs

When it comes to choosing the right engine oil, you need to make sure you find something that will suit all your needs and can offer satisfying benefits for your engine. There are three main types of motor oils that are on the market today, conventional engine oils, synthetic blend oils and full synthetic oils. These three types of oils are available in many places, but its important to keep in mind that not all brands are the same and not all oils are made with the same quality standards.

Amsoil Is the First and Finest Full Synthetic Oil


For example when it comes to full synthetic oil, AMSOIL is the first and finest quality brand for all types of engines, and offers an extended variety of synthetic oils to suit the specific needs of your vehicle. Check with your manufacture┬┤s recommendations to find what viscosity rating your vehicle needs and go to our online store to select the one that you need. Making sure you buy the correct motor oil, according to the viscosity needs of your engine, is an important factor to saving money. The most common type of viscosity rating required by manufacturers is 10W-30. We have an unbeatable quality AMSOIL 10W-30 full synthetic oil, along with many other viscosity ratings to specifically fit the needs of your engine. Not using the rating required by your manufacturer can cause the engine to not work properly and will create expensive damages in the long run.

Why Conventional Oil Is Actually Expensive

Conventional motor oil also known as mineral based or standard engine oil, is the most commonly available motor oil in all places. It is usually very cheap both in price and coverage. Do not be fooled, if you live here in Arizona you might not want to throw away your money buying these types of oils. Since conventional motor oil does not go through extensive chemical alterations, it has a great amount of mineral based components that make it very volatile when faced with weather conditions that are not optimal. This means its components easily brake down when reaching high temperatures, such as those we face in the summer here in Arizona. Add to that harsh driving conditions and the heat inside the engine can be much higher than that outside.

Synthetic Oil for Your Vehicle in Arizona

Most cars that are not constantly used in rough driving conditions such as in stop and go driving, and do not function in states where high temperatures are reached, can tolerate this type of oil as long as the oil changes are strictly done on schedule and oil checks are performed often. However, this also means more money every time the oil needs to be changed, which is fairly often when it comes to regular motor oil. There are very few reasons to use this type of oil and it is very fragile if your driving conditions, or temperatures aren't optimal. Not many cars should utilize this type of vehicle, and if you drive a vehicle Arizona and really care for your engine you must know this type of oils are not intended to offer a lot of protection.

Reasons to Buy Synthetic Oil in Arizona

Full synthetic oils are at the top when it comes to stability and performance. The protection that AMSOIL 100% synthetic oil offers is unmatched and the price is a bargain compared to the enhanced benefits that they provide. Among the many advantages of using these sort of oils is the fact that they most certainly improve fuel economy. By reducing friction and increasing efficiency within the engine it is able to assist in the reservation and effective use of gasoline. Use synthetic oil in Arizona to save money on both gasoline and car maintenance.

Save Money by Using Full Synthetic Motor Oils

The reason you can save money on car maintenance when using synthetic oil is because of its ability to prolong the life of the engine. The job of all motor oils is to reduce friction and help cool the engine, but synthetic oils do this best. The composition of full synthetic oils are thoroughly laboratory created to withstand extreme heat. This also allows them to withstand intense weather conditions, both fierce heat and bitter cold. Since the chemical formula is so resilient, it completely safeguards the engine when driving in the hot summer months of Arizona, that we experience.

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